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Build a foundation of power and resilience with our Strength Program. This part of the Training for Warriors program is designed to enhance muscular strength and improve their functional fitness.. Through a combination of progressive resistance training, and compound movements you'll experience gains in both strength and confidence. Our coaches will guide you through a balanced regimen that empowers you to push boundaries and unleash your true potential.


Get ready to ignite your metabolism. This high-energy class is designed to burn calories long after your workout is over. Experience a variety of cardio building intervals that combine strength and cardiovascular exercises, delivering an intense full-body workout that boosts endurance and torches fat. Whether you're new to our type of cardio or a seasoned pro, this program will challenge you to elevate your fitness game and achieve results that are nothing short of remarkable.



Becoming a Warrior was life transforming for me. The new outlook is I can do anything I put my mind to. Training for Warriors taught me to work hard and pull it from within myself. So much support and encouragement! Being a part of the Familia is a huge bonus!! I'm so glad I do this!!

Shauna Chamberlain

If you really want to go to a judgment free gym come to TFW Keene. Best gym I have had the pleasure to train at.

Not only are Dan and Dave extremely good at their jobs but they really care about the people they work with. Familia is not just a catch phrase here with them its the real thing!

Joe Jutras

I love everything about this place. The energy, the structure. Dan is a motivating and energizing force, and is great at communicating all we need to know. If you are someone that needs structure to reach your goals. This is the place for you! The best part is that you grow at your own pace. It isn't how much you do compared to anyone, it is how much more you do for yourself. P.S. His daily stories are also motivating and fun!!

Luca Paris

Training for Warriors Keene is a program that will help you lose fat, build muscle and feel good!


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